IWC Big Pilot Replica

IWC Big Pilot Replica is a commemorative timepiece from the renowned Swiss brand. It celebrates the 50th anniversary as well as the successful first SpaceX mission. The limited edition watch is a tribute to the iconic Heuer Stopwatch 2915A, which was a key piece of John Glenn's equipment in 1962, when Friendship 7 orbited the Earth.

John F. Kennedy had revealed the ambitious plan to land a man on moon by the end of this decade, a year before.IWC Big Pilot Replica This was the start of the spacerace that led to some of the most significant achievements in human history. In April 1961, after Soviet astronaut Yuri Gagarin successfully orbited Earth, the Americans responded with Project Mercury on February 20, 1992. John Glenn, piloting the Friendship 7 Spacecraft around the Earth three times, did so while driving the spacecraft. NASA equipped its astronauts with an accurate and durable Heuer 2915A Stopwatch fitted with a customized elastic band. This became the first Swiss watch in outer space.

IWC Big Pilot Replica celebrated this milestone exactly 50 years after it was achieved by launching the IWC Big Pilot Replica. The Swiss watchmaker has reinterpreted its iconic Carrera case in a new version, resulting in a 43mm diameter. The stainless steel case is beautifully polished and includes a bezel as well as a crown, Chronograph pushers, and a crown.

The dial of this great watch combines the past with the future. It features several elements of the Heuer 2915A that have been reinterpreted, along with symbols from SpaceX's latest spaceflight.Rolex Daytona Replica The design of this watch is reminiscent of the original, with its triangle markers at the 12 and 6 o'clock positions, Arabic numerals printed to indicate the minutes, and the shape of the chronograph hand.

The graphic at 9 o'clock shows the letters "1962-2012", and an image showing the SpaceX Falcon 9 2nd stage and Dragon spacecraft orbiting Earth in low earth orbit. SpaceX was the first commercial firm to launch a spacecraft into orbit in 2010 and safely return it to Earth. In 2010, SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft was the first commercial vehicle that successfully attached to the International Space Station. Carrera SpaceX Chronograph played a key role in this historic mission. The Calibre1887 was put to the ultimate test. IWC Big Pilot Replica's trademark movement continued to function normally after the Dragon spacecraft safely landed on Earth. This demonstrated its exceptional durability and accuracy even under extreme conditions.